How to Update Firmware


For the latest firmware, please check the Firmware Updates Page.

Update Firmware

1. Prepare a USB drive and format it to FAT/FAT32.

2. Download firmware to USB drive

3. Insert USB drive into USB port on the camera body

4. In the MAVO Edge menu, navigate to SYSTEM→UPDATE FIRMWARE. Execute the firmware update.

5. Allow the update to install. This will take several minutes. Do not turn the camera off while an update is in progress.

6. The update will take effect after reboot.

*Note: Updating firmware can take several minutes. Do not turn off or interrupt power supply to the camera during the update, as it can cause severe damage to the CPU and may require repair.

*Note: Refer to specific update requirements to prevent damage to the camera and any accessories, as many updates require accessories and mounts to be removed.