Introduction to KINE OS


Kine OS is used across all Kinefinity cameras for ease of use.

The Menu is divided into eight main sections: Shooting, Live View, Playback, SDI, Network, Settings, Sync and System. To access the menu, hold down the menu button. When the menu is displayed, use the scroll wheel to navigate, the center button on the scroll wheel to enter, and the menu button to go back.


The shooting section of the menu displays everything you need to set up your project.

Default Codec– set your record codec

Slate– camera project metadata

Custom FPS– customize FPS

Project FPS– set project FPS

Project Blanking– set aspect ratio mask

Format SSD– format media

Image Format– choose FF, S35, S16, or photo mode

Rec Resolution– set project’s recording resolution

Sensitivity Mode– toggle between ISO/EI mode

ISO Highlight Stops– prioritize highlights or lowlights

Save as a Preset– save project settings as a preset in the camera


The Live View section of the menu lists all monitoring settings of the camera.

Custom White Balance– set custom white balance

Guide– toggle on/off

Waveform Based– choose whether the waveform is based on LOG or LUT

Waveform Size– set size of waveform

Zebra Pattern– toggle on/off

Zoom Ratio– set zoom ratio

Anamorphic Ratio– select desqueeze ratio

Monitoring FPS– set monior output fps

Shutter Mode: toggle angle/time

Color Temp List– Choose to display full list or short list

SSD– choose remaining time or remaining space

Digital Horizon– toggle on/off


The Playback section allows playback settings to be adjusted.

Playback at– choose the speed of playback

Clip End– choose “loop” or “pause”

SDI– change SDI functions in the SDI section of the menu.

OSD– Toggle on/off

LUT: Set Monitor Lut

NETWORK– configure wifi and streaming settings in the Network section of the menu.

WIFI– toggle on/off

Connect to Network– set up network connection

Stream– toggle on/off

Bit Rate– choose bit rate


The Settings section displays camera adjustments to accommodate the user.

Active Mount– choose what type of KineMount is mounted

Wheel Control– choose what functionality the wheel can control

Fan Speed- set fan speed

Fan Control- choose how the fan runs during recording

Timecode- choose the source of the timecode

Set Record TC- manually input the timecode

ND Tuning– choose to control internal ND by .3 or .03

Main Screen– choose what menu you’d like to have displayed

SSD File System– choose what format the SSD should be in

Power Threshold– choose power threshold

Low Voltage Shut Down– toggle on/off

Load Custom LUT– load custom LUT from a USB

Clean Custom LUT- delete preloaded LUTs


Miscellaneous camera sound settings can be adjusted here. 

Tally Lamp– toggle on/off

Beeper– toggle on/off

Recording Beep- toggle on/off


The camera configuration settings are displayed in this section.

Language– choose the system language

System Date/Time– set date and time for camera metadata

Digital Horizon Calibrate– Calibrate digital horizon

Factory Reset- clear user settings and restore camera to factory settings

Export User settings– Export User Settings from a USB drive

Import User Settings- Import user settings from a USB drive

Update Firmware– update firmware from a USB drive

About– display system information