KineMount – FAQ


Q: Which types of KineMount adapters can I use with the MAVO Edge 8K?

A: You can choose PL Mount Adapter, LPL Mount Adapter, EF 3 Mount Adapter and E Mount Adapter. 

*EF 3 Mount Adapter is the third generation of Kinefinity’s EF Mount Adapter. To mount EF lenses onto the EF 3 Mount Adapter, rotate the lens clockwise to lock into position, then turn the positive-lock lever clockwise to secure the lens. 

**When using E Mount Adapter, users can also use any lens adapter that is compatible with E mount to explore even more lens possibilities.

Q: Can I use mount adapters with e-ND on the MAVO Edge 8K?

A: The MAVO Edge 8K already has an internal motorized e-ND filter. Therefore you don’t need to use any mount adapters with e-ND. It is also not suggested, and may cause system errors.

Q: Why can’t I take off the lens or third-party lens adapter that is compatible with EF 3 mount adapter?

A: Please make sure that you are fully pressing the release button on the EF 3 mount adapter. Press hard on its left side (that is closer to the adapter itself) to make sure the locking mechanism is released. Do not try to force the lens off the mount.