Start-Up with MAVO Edge 8K


The MAVO Edge 8K requires a battery, a monitor or EVF, and a Kinemount to be able to shoot.

First, attach the Kinemount.

1. Remove the back cap of the Kinemount.

2. Remove the sensor cap from the MAVO Edge body. Hold down the lock release button and rotate lock counter-clockwise to remove the sensor cap. Protect the sensor when exposed, as dust or direct light can cause damage.

3. Line up the pins. When they are lined up, rotate the lock on the camera body clockwise to lock the Kinemount into place.

Attach the KineMON or EVF

1.    Attach the Kine Monitor Cable to the KineMON using the straight side lemo port. Align red marks and push.

2.   Attach the L shaped side of the Kine Monitor Cable to the Video port on the front of the Mavo Edge Body. Align the red marks and push.

Attach a V- Mount battery

1. Attach a V-Mount Battery to the back of the MAVO Edge.

Now you can power on your camera.