The Most Compact 8K Large Format Camera.With its Cutting-edge Modularity. The MAVO Edge 8k will Streamline Your Workflow From Shooting To Post Production

The Lightest 8k Camera

45 Million Pixels Large Format

Clear & Seamless E-ND 0.6-2.4

Dual Base ISO 640/2560

Multiple Power Options

Universal Kine Mount

The Lightest 8k Camera

45 Millon Pixels Large Format

Clear & Seamless E-ND 0.6-2.4

Dual Base ISO 640/2560

Multiple Power Options

Universial Kine Mount

8K Resolution

Capture every detail

The MAVO Edge 8K cinema camera is equipped with an 8K 70P Full Frame CMOS imaging sensor with a native resolution of 8192x5288. Shoot up to 70fps at 8K Wide (8192x3384). Use in-sensor scaling to shoot 4K (oversample) with an open gate resolution of 4096x2644 without cropping in on the sensor.

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8k Wide 8192x3384

MAX 70 fps

8k DCI 8192x4320

55 fps

8K Open Gate 8192x5288

45 fps

8K HD 7680x4320

55 fps

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4k DCI 4096x2160

MAX 55fps

4K Open Gate 4096x2644

45 fps

4K HD 3840x2160

55 fps

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6K Wide 6144x2560

MAX 92 fps

6K DCI 6144x3240

72 fps

6K HD 5760x3240

72 fps

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5K Wide 5120x2160

MAX 108 fps

5K DCI 5120x2700

85 fps

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4K Wide 4096x1600

MAX 145 fps

4K HD 4096x2160

108 fps

4K HD 3840x2160

108 fps


4K DCI 4096x2160

72 fps

4K HD 3840x2160

72 fps

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2K Wide 2048x800

MAX 280 fps

2K DCI 2048x1080

215 fps


Go from FF to S35 with a click of a button

Lenses should be the deciding factor when choosing what format to shoot in, not the camera, which is why the MAVO Edge is capable of shooting FF, S35 and S16. Choose between FF 8k, S35 and S16 in the menu for maximum versatility. Further in-sensor scaling options are available within each format, guaranteeing the use of as much sensor area as possible.

Internal Variable ND

Control Exposure by .03 of a stop without touching the Iris ring

Keep your depth of field consistent as conditions change with the MAVO Edge’s built-In variable ND. Adjust exposure by intervals of .03 of a stop, from 0.6 through 2.4, allowing seamless exposure control without touching the iris ring.


Body Material:
Carbon Fiber with Aluminum Alloy
Body Weight:
Size (WxHxL) :
4.1x4.8x4.3" / 106x124x109 mm (*w/o protrusion)
Operating Temp:
0°C to 40°C
8K 3:2 Full Frame CMOS Imaging Sensor
Max Record Res:
8192x5288, 44.7M Pixels
Imgaing Device:
36x24mm 43.3mm Diagonal
ISO Sensitivity:
ISO 640, ISO 2560 (Dual Native ISO)
14+ stop
Shutter Angle:
0.7°~358° with rolling shutter
Lens Mount:

Native KineMOUNT

Adapters: PL/LPL/Active EF/passive E

Optical Filter:
Replaceable OLPF with UV and IR-cut filter
ND Filter:
Built-in motorized: Clear and e-ND from 0.6 to 2.1

FF 8k Wide(8192x3384): 6-70fpsFF

8k DCI(8192x4320): 6-55fps

FF 8K OG(8192x5288): 6-45fps

FF 8K HD(7680x4320): 6-55fps

FF 4K OG (Oversample) (4096x2644): 6-45fps

FF 4K DCI (Oversample) (4096x2160): 6-55fps

FF 4K HD (Oversample) (3840x2160): 6-55fps

S35 :

S35 6K Wide(6144x2560): 6-92fps

S35 6K DCI(6144x3240): 6-72fps

S35 6K HD(5760x3240): 6-72fps

S35 4K DCI (Oversample) (4096x2160): 6-72fps

S35 4K HD (Oversample) (3840x2160): 6-72fps

S35 5K Wide(5120x2160): 6-108fps

S35 5K DCI(5120x2700): 6-85fps

S35 4:3 Ana(4864x3600): 6-60fps

S35 6:5 Ana(4864x3840): 6-60fps

Other Cropping:

4K Wide(4096x1600): 6-145fps

4K DCI(4096x2160): 6-108fps

4K HD(3840x2160): 6-108fps

4K HD 2.4:1 (3840x1600): 6-145fps

2K Wide(2048x800): 6-280fps

2K DCI(2048x1080): 6-215fps

Record Codec:

ProRes4444XQ 12bits

ProRes4444 12bits

ProRes422HQ 10bits

Preview Format:
H264 mp4 8bits
Color, LUT:


Neutral Rec 709

Support Custom 3D LUT

ISO Sensitivity:
ISO 640, ISO 2560 (Dual Native ISO)
Record Media:

Media Slot x2

KineMAG Nano SSD based on NVMe M.2 SSD

Media Size (WxHxL):
1.5x3.4x0.3" / 40x88x9 mm

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